Before the Shoot

If your pooch is not highly food motivated it’s best not to feed the day of the shoot.  We want to keep that drive and focus for shoot time.  Also, make sure your dog has done their business just before the shoot.  I also suggest a long walk the day of the shoot.  We don’t want your pooch exhausted but too much energy and your dog will not be able to focus and be too easily distracted.  “A tired dog is a happy dog!”

It’s very helpful if your pooch knows basic obedience such as sit, stay and down.  If your dog will not sit still for a few seconds at a time it will be harder to get a good selection of images to choose from.

What to Bring

Bring lots of high value treats such as cheese and ham bits.  Your day to day treats might not get the attention we need.  Example, kibble is not considered a high value treat.  Bring your pooch’s favorite toys, especially the ones that squeak.

Since it’s almost Christmas you may want to bring some themed clothes and/or props, we can try a few things and see what works.  Sometimes clothes and props are fun for us humans but not always so fun for our dogs.  So if you’ve got some fun clothes in mind do a dress rehearsal prior to the shoot and see how your pooch reacts.

The Photoshoot

Depending on your dog we have up to 45 minutes for the shoot.  When your pooch starts to get overly distracted we’ll take a break and try to resume after a few minutes of casual play.

Most studio shoots are on a green screen, meaning the background is a special green fabric that allows for easy removal of the background and isolates the subject.  Then in Photoshop I can drop in any color or a scenic background based on prior discussions.

Editing Your Images

Within 24 hours after the shoot you’ll receive a private link to your images.  You’ll be able to edit your photos using a 5 star rating system with a dedicated Approve button for those top choices.  You can also make comments on each image as a reminder to yourself, other users such as family or to me with retouching and cropping suggestions.

You’ll be editing un-retouched images with the original background.  You’ll want to focus on your dog’s expression and overall composition considering the desired end result.  Once your top choices have been submitted and payment received the retouching/compositing process begins.  Depending on the current work load it usually takes 2-6 days to get your proofs.  Once approved images and/or prints are delivered.  See Prices for further information.


– Don’t feed your dog before the shoot.

– Do walk, potty and exercise you pooch before the shoot.

– If not a pup, know some basic obedience commands.

– Be able to sit still for 3-6 seconds at a time.

– Bring lots of high value treats.

– Bring favorite squeaky toys.

– You can bring clothes, costumes and props, but do a dress rehearsal.

– Photoshoot is about 45 minutes, less is OK if your pooch gets bored.

– Shot on green screen so backgrounds can be added later.

– You will edit your photoshoot in a special web based application.